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Preaching Goes Viral

Collected Item: “Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau”

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Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Type of response:

Personal story, social media or blog post, unpublished material, etc.

Date, if any

May 21st, 2020

Author (individual or group)

Moira McQueen
Richard Gagnon
Archbishop Sotirios
Timothy Lau
Dr. Ryan Wilson
Christian Domenic Elia
Michael Shea
Michel G. MacDonald
Sheila Rutledge Harding
Robert Berard
Helen McGee
Father Thomas Lynch
Catherine Pawluch
Cristina Alarcon
David Mulroney
Donna Fagan
Rev. Fr. Peter Turrone

Religious movement (specify)

Christianity, Catholicism

Religious movement (pick list)

Christian, general



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Canada, general

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