Transcript of Sunday morning message with Josh Coker 4/19 +B


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Transcript of Sunday morning message with Josh Coker 4/19 +B

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Only God. Or... Not!; Prayer and faith as saving or duty

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He freed us from the bondage of sin. He freed his people from the bondage of sin, and that's the gospel message. And that's what Paul starts with. He gave himself for our sins. You're a sinner. We all know that we're sinners, right? We go to bed at night. We understand that we're centers. And we understand that we have fallen. We understand that we've had thoughts that we shouldn't have that we've done things we shouldn't do. We, we all understand that if we're honest with ourselves, but the message of the gospel is that Jesus Christ gave himself for those. He was a sacrifice for those sins, a willing sacrifice. And he did that so that he could deliver you from this present evil world. That's a great description of this world. It's present and it's evil. It's here and it's bad. I don't know if a more succinct way to sum up the world that we see around us is here.

And it's bad. Certainly over the last four weeks, we've seen how bad it can get with the sickness that is infected most, every country in the world with an economy, that's just been shut down like that. It's here and it's bad. But let me tell you, there's a lot of bad things that go on just in this country. There's a lot of things that we shouldn't even about that go on in Alabama. There's there's there are things in this world that are bad. It's it? The, the world is here and it's bad. And Paul's saying that Jesus Christ gave himself to deliver you from that. You see Jesus, didn't just give himself for you. So that one day you could live in heaven. That's that's one of the reasons that Jesus came. That's the main reason that Jesus came to die for you so that you could live in heaven with him one day, but also he came and he gave himself to deliver you right here.

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