Transcript of Sunday morning message with Josh Coker 4/19 +A


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Transcript of Sunday morning message with Josh Coker 4/19 +A

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Good deeds and service to others; Unity of religious community

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We want to be in prayer for our homebound members, those that that are alone at this time. And if anyone is listening today and needs anything, we have several young people in our church who have offered to go to the pharmacy or the grocery store. I run any errands or help with anything you need at this time, as we all can't get out. If you would, let's go to the Lord in prayer, heavenly father, thank you for this day. And we thank you for this time that we have to set aside to listen to this sermon, to worship you. We pray that you'll be with our families during this time. You'll be with our country, with our leaders, the doctors, and all those who were on the front lines of this virus said with our leaders, as they make decisions on, when we will go back as a country opened back up and, and all those who are without a job right now, and whose job is in question, we pray God that you'd bless them. Pray that you bless the time. Now, as I try to deliver a message that you'd give me freedom of thought and it's in Jesus Christ's name, we pray. Amen.

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Vestavia Hills, AL, 46402

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4.19.2020 – Sunday Morning Message with Josh Coker Excerpted and highlighted parts