The Coming Economic Collapse: A COVID Collapse?



The Coming Economic Collapse: A COVID Collapse?


Now I've got three kids. I was present for the birth of all three of them. My daughter is Zoe. She took the longest, her mom was in labor with her for 28 hours. And it was even painful for me going, you know, just watching it. And I figured right then that if childbirth were left to the male of the species, we would have died out a very long time ago. But you know, when we held Zoe in our arms, tears of joy flooded down mom's cheeks and dad's cheeks. And I, I think whatever pain of delivery we have to get to when we're going to be with Jesus til he returns, and it's all this, this pain it's over with, it will be worth it. Eternal life with Jesus will make us forget the birth pains. So the apocalypse, the fall of Babylon, the judgment on civilization, these are all prelude to something better to the return of Jesus and the ushering in a big eternity in the Bible, it's called the blessing hope.


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