The Coming Economic Collapse: A COVID Collapse?



The Coming Economic Collapse: A COVID Collapse?


Jesus told his disciples that he would go to the father and prepare a place for that. Well, this is wedding and Jewish custom. After father of the bride consented to her marriage, to the husband, the man would return home and build a dwelling for them, often attached to the family home. And then when all the preparations were made for a place for the couple to, to have their, you know, start their lives together, the man would return for the wedding. So Jesus assured his disciples that there were plenty of rooms in his father's house. There was an old gospel song that goes plenty, good room in my father's kingdom. So the disciples associated the destruction of the temple with the end of the age and with the return of the Messiah, with the turn of, of Jesus. So they asked a question that had multiple parts, but Jesus answers with a single Meredith.


Analogies to Mythic Narratives

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