Jesus is My Savior



Jesus is My Savior


We're asking that you would record a 62nd video testifying about how Jesus changed your life. And then post that video on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, with the hashtag Jesus changed my life. Next to that. You would put the handle for your church. So reality Ventura at reality, Ventura, and here's what will happen. One people will see the personal testimony of how Jesus changed your life, which has way more power than you realize, because it is personal. The second thing that'll happen is they will click on that hashtag and they will not only see your testimony, but they will see dozens, hundreds, thousands of other testimonies of people testify, normal people just like you and me. Not preachers, not people on a stage, people in their kitchens, in their living rooms, with their phones, testifying about how Jesus changed their life.


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