Baptism - 25 July 2020 - 3 PM



Baptism - 25 July 2020 - 3 PM


Also sometimes people ask when we get to the moment of the actual baptism, cause there's a bunch of blessings before and a blunt bunch of blessings. After when we get to the actual moment of the baptism, you can feel free to come. Sometimes people want to see it a little bit closer from where they are. That's fine. Feel free. Just make sure that you have space for us around the font. And because we are live streaming, this, keep this side free. So the camera that's in the back and see what's happening. Okay. Makes sense.


Baptism, when COVID-adapted (Christian)

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St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church

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39 N Carll Ave, Babylon, NY 11702

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Roman Catholic



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11/9/2020 19:15

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