End of Days Part II



End of Days Part II


Now, two things that happened to me. The one started back, I would say last August, September into November, I'd go to sleep at night and not begin having this dream. And the dream was like nothing I'd ever been in before. It's very hard to even relate. So a hard for me, even to describe what I, what I saw, it was like I was in this. It was like a computer simulation, like a, like a wormhole or whatever. And that's about all I can tell you. I just knew when I was there in the room, I may have had a dream. It was real vivid and you were in it, but you can't really describe it because like nothing you've ever seen before. And I knew that I was up against this, this, this, this entity. And for night after night, it was like, I was wrestling with this thing, you know? And I'd wake up. I had a piece on me, but I knew that I was in a battle. There was, this was a battle, but I didn't see the victory.


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