End of Days Part II



End of Days Part II


So I got told my wife when I woke up, when I got to the service, I told pastor Eric, pastor, Kenneth, pastor, Eric looks at me with these discerners arm as yours does. And he's going to pray for me around Kenneth. We're going to pray right now. We can repeat this thing. So they are stand like this. So they lay hands on me, pray over me, rebuke, whatever, you know? And I just had a peace, you know? So they finished praying. And pastor Rick said, he didn't feel anything. He said, I feel the anointing, but my whole body was still positive. I said, well, I feel it right now on me. He said, well that's. So when I began to realize that the Lord was actually anointing me in a way that I never be anointed to deal with something I never dealt with.


[OLD] Supernatural protection vs. Confidence in science & experts

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