Daily Mass March 31, 2020



Daily Mass March 31, 2020


God's love. I love that is stronger than death itself. Jesus went against the flow because in a world such as ours, one thing that does not get elevated is sacrificial giving love. We talk a lot about loving our world. Passionate love, friendly, love the low of cars, objects, things, our 401k, but the kind of love, which is self giving to the point of death. The kind of love that Jesus reveals in this gospel in his life. And his person is a love, which goes against the flow of a world where love needs to get and not to give Jesus reveals this in today's gospel. And as a result, many came to believe in him that he was sent by the God of love to call all those who love to him so that when he is lifted up on that cross, we might be lifted up as well.


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