And then when you begin in chapter two, you read that Jesus Christ is Supreme in the greatness of his salvation. Here's the flow of thought. Look at verse one of chapter two, since God has spoken in such a Supreme way by his son. That's the opening statement of the first chapter. Here's what we must do. Chapter two, verse one, we must pay much closer attention to the message of Jesus Christ. And what we talked about as we looked at that passage of scripture is this there's really only two ways, two general categories of ways to respond to the message of Jesus Christ. And they are this one we can drift away from that message by neglect. And you know what? That is a supremely dangerous response. That's what we learn in chapters two, one through four. Or secondly, we can grow closer to the truth of Jesus Christ by an ongoing attentiveness to it. And that is supremely beneficial in a response.


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