So here's the author's point. Although we do not yet see everything in subjection to us, here's what we do. See everything in subjection to the person of Jesus Christ. This Jesus Christ, who what, for a little while he was made like us for a little while he walked our chores. He faced our struggles in our temptations. He did battle the way that we have to do battle. And what happened did he win? Well, he must have, because he's been crowned with glory and honor, you see the point is we don't see the reality of it right now, but we have one that we can look to. That is God in human flesh that is now seated on the throne of heaven. That is a guarantee to us that what's going to happen to those that are his, the joint heirs of Jesus is that we are going to enter into as this third, Epic of time becomes a reality. We are going to enter into a reigning with him over all of this universe.


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