Fear & Worry



Fear & Worry


When it comes to worry and fear, every day has enough focus Just on today. Focus on the moment that you're in. Don't don't look behind you. The apostle Paul said, don't get ahead of yourself. Jesus said, be in the here and the now and the here and the now has some complexities to it that can cause us to worry and let's face our, We are. And let's find out how to gain victory over them right here in Now, you know why Jesus said, don't worry about tomorrow. Do you know why the prophet Isaiah said, do not be afraid? Do you know why God doesn't want you to worry? I have stress. That's unnecessary and be afraid Because worry never works. And fear steals your freedom. Worrying never works. Jesus wants you to experience all of the freedom that is possible in this life. And he knows that fear and worry and stress and anxiety. They steal that freedom from you and knows that his way Works and his way provides freedom because faith gives freedom while fear steals it and worry never works. But God's way always works his way.


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