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I want to read to you some of the things that Lonnie shared. Do you know, I read that during the great plague of London, the last great app— plague of bubonic plague in England, John Milton and his family fled the city to a secluded cottage. Quarantine, though, they didn't use that word. And within those walls, he completed Paradise Lost and was inspired to write it sequel, Paradise Regained. Can you imagine, did you know that it was likely during an earlier part of that time of bubonic plague that Shakespeare used his time in quarantine to write some plays. King Lear, Macbeth, Anthony and Cleopatra. As one website says just a few classic plays that change theater forever, no big deal. Or what about John Bunyan? When Bunyan was in prison, another kind of social quarantine, he took advantage of the time and of the fact that he had his Bible and Fox's book of martyrs with him to write grace abounding and to begin work on a little book called Pilgrim's Progress.


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