How To Handle Anxiety When Everything Is Changing?



How To Handle Anxiety When Everything Is Changing?


And then it gives us some very clear instructions in verse two, it says, do not conform listen to the patterns of this world. It it's telling us right now that the world is going to give us a pattern. And we know what that pattern is right now, fear, anxiety. It's literally panic in the pandemic. It's one of those things that it's like, like lose everything, start overreacting. And that's the pattern of the world. But God tells us clearly writes this thousands of years ago. Don't conform to the pattern that the world is setting up, but it gives us an alternate. It says, but be transformed or changed in form or appearance by the renewing of your mind. So right now you have an option either. We're going to conform to the pattern of this world, or we'll be transformed by renewing our mind.



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