How To Handle Anxiety When Everything Is Changing?



How To Handle Anxiety When Everything Is Changing?


I begin to think about how literally on Friday, before all of this happened, I was supposed to be on a plane to Paris with my wife, my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. We were supposed to be in another country closer to the breakout when all of this happened, but then it came that we couldn't cross the border and all this other stuff. And I begin to at first be like, yo, I'm losing money from this and all this other stuff. And I read the scripture and said, hold on. That was God's mercy in my life. That was him though. It seemed in a moment like a detour or a distraction or a loss. It was really God's mercy. And I'm just asking you, are there things that right now you're viewing the wrong way or you have the wrong perspective of which is actually God's mercy. I know there's some people right now like, Oh Jesus, they have made my kids' spring break two more weeks. This is not God's mercy. I'm on these children undergo need God's mercy. So I don't tell them. But really the thing is maybe this is the very thing that God is wanting to use to bring the relationship in your family back together for husbands and wives, to be on one accord, to take away the distraction. Everybody knows what's going on right now. So the fact that you don't have to be busy, but you can be, I just said a mouthful right there. You don't have to be busy, but you can be present. You can be loving. You can be who God's created you to be. And the thing that you've been asking for maybe in the view of God's mercy, this is God's mercy. If we have the right perspective


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