Praying using Technology?



Praying using Technology?


When the pandemic first began and I wasn't able to go to synagogue anymore I was devastated. I thought that prayer was almost pointless because I couldn't be with my community in the place where I felt had the most impact on me. My synagogue adapted immediately to the new ways of the pandemic. The day after the lockdown began we had Shabbat services on zoom which made me feel connected to Judaism as I had never been before. I watched my community come together and it showed me the place of prayer was just a building but the people and the things we practice are what makes me feel so connected to my religion. The article demonstrated how using technology while praying is very beneficial. The author argues another author's claim how it is very distracting and takes away from important messages and the sense of connection. The author demonstrates how using technology helps us evolve and because so many things are moving towards the digital route, religion should also move that way as well. Having religion be digital will allow more people to be able to pray and practice wherever they are. Because this article was written before the pandemic, it gives shes a different light to why technology is useful.







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October 6, 2017


Bosco Peters

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The Anglican Eucharist in New Zealand
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The Anglican Eucharist in New Zealand
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