Closer Look: Ash Wednesday


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Closer Look: Ash Wednesday

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Newly-created rituals during a pandemic
COVID-adapted Misc. holidays adapted

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So ashes will be distributed and received in five easy steps: Step 1; the priest blesses the ashes after the homily and sprinkles them with holy water in the usual manner. Step 2; the priest says the formula for the distribution of ashes only once repent and believe in the gospel or remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return applying it to all in general. Step 3; the priest and those assisting with the distribution of ashes sanitize their hands and put on a face mask and a face shield if preferred. Step 4; the faithful come forward as they do for the reception of holy communion to receive ashes they stop, bow their heads, and the minister sprinkles ashes on them, and then they return to their places. This is done without saying anything but the proper antiphon or another appropriate chant is sung. Step 5; the priest and those who have assisted with the distribution of ashes wash and sanitize their hands the universal prayer is said and mass continues in the usual way

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